Cotton Linter Pulp

  • Cotton Linter Pulp, which is highly pure natural cellulose, has a wide range of applications in various industries, including textile, specialty paper-making, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, building materials, electronics, plastic, aerospace and military.
  • Applications
    • ​​Fine Papers
    • Special Industry
    • Nitrocellulose
    • Technical Chemicals
    • Textile Industry


Bamboo Pulp + Tissue

  • Bamboo Pulp, jumbo rolls for Tissue production, and tissue/household products
  • 50000-100,000TPY bamboo pulp bleached and/or unbleached
  • Similar allocation for jumbo rolls for tissue converting bleached and/or unbleached
  • Finished tissue products such as: toilet paper, facial, napkin, hand towels etc … may mix or use 100% other non-wood pulp such as bagasse