WCI’s EOS-2000 solar-powered resonant frequency system offers an innovative, effective, and low-cost solution for increasing dissolved oxygen and improving the water quality of ponds and pond effluents released into receiving waters.


The EOS-2000 System restores water bodies by increasing dissolved oxygen (DO) throughout the water body as well as the bottom sediment/benthic zone; and clarifying the water. This is accomplished without mechanical aeration or chemical treatment, to create aerobic conditions throughout the entire water body.  


EOS-2000 (Enhanced Oxygen System) Solves:  

  • Low/depleted oxygen levels (hypoxia/anoxia)
  • Bad odours from ponds, lagoons, lakes
  • Excessive algae growth & blue/green algae (P)
  • Excessive macrophyte growth (N)
  • Organic sludge build-­up at bottom